Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Details on Agni’s Philosophy, Lightning Returns, Type-0, Versus XIII and XIV

Square Enix's worldwide technology director Julien Merceron talked up all things Final Fantasy in an interview with FFDream.  Few new and old info on Agni’s Philosophy, Lightning Returns, Versus XIII, XIV.

Agni’s Philosophy
- Square Enix planning on showing something “different” related to this in June 2013
- Likely at E3
- Will be shown on “something other than PC” (next-gen platforms?)

Lightning Returns
- Development is far along
- Game is being shown to focus groups to find out which element they should concentrate on to please fans
- On a technological level, Versus XIII elements were used for this game
- Will retain some elements from XIII/XIII-2
- Game will also be quite different from every FF that’s come out so far

- Interest in localizing the game eventually

Versus XIII
- Still in development
- Very ambitious game, which has led to the long development time
- Once the project will be fully revealed, people will be happy to have waited so long
- Yoichi Wada is determined to push the development team as far as possible

XIV: A Realm Reborn
- Praise for Yoshida’s direction of the project
- Will be “quite different” from the original FFXIV
- People from Square Enix outside of Japan also believe in the project, that it’s not a “Japan-only” thing

- He believes “many Square-Enix IPs” would benefit from more openness, and from a storytelling that’s less linear
- He wants to take inspiration from games like GTA5 to be able to help the company achieve this on a technological level

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