Friday, November 2, 2012

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Vita - Yoshifumi Hashimoto on Wii, Picking The Vita, New Characters and Localization

Marvelous AQL producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto confirmed that Muramasa on the Wii saw a few gameplay features and story scenes removed.

Hashimoto said: “Yes, there were some features that were cut from the Wii version, but Vanillaware is not the type of company that likes to use old designs or plans. Also at Marvelous AQL we feel the same way. All of the new content will be made specifically for the Vita version. The gameplay will be the same, but there are new features with the new characters.”

Hashimoto also commented on why they choose the PS Vita over the PS3 and Xbox 360:

“Considering the sell rate of the hardware, it would be better to release it on PS3 or Xbox 360. Since Muramasa: The Demon Blade is tied to Japanese culture the colors and art style are Japanese-like. You’ll see bright colors like red or sometimes orange and green. Because of this I thought it would be better to present the game and the world itself on an OLED display.”

Muramasa Vita includes 4 new characters. But have any of them already appeared in Momohime or Kisuke’s story?

Hashimoto said :“These will be exciting characters. They will be totally new, someone you haven’t seen before.”

Finally, on the subject of localization Hashimoto said: “We are discussing about that internally right now.”

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