Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hajime Tabata: I want to take Final Fantasy games in the direction of Type-0 and Crisis Core, Like to make a Vita Game

Hajime Tabata, is one of Square-Enix’s top executives, serving as director on notable projects such as  Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Type-0 and The 3rd Birthday. Both Type-0 and CRISIS CORE proved critical and commercial successes, allowing Tabata to take home two PlayStation Awards Gold Prizes for his efforts in the recent years. (A Gold Prize is awarded to a game selling over 500,000 copies.) Tabata sat down and chatted with PlayStation Japan recently in a Creator Interview conducted for a PlayStation Awards 2012 feature.

Hajime Tabata said: "Producer Kitase asked me, ‘Are you really going to make it an action game?’ (Laugh.) But I personally really like action oriented games, so from the very beginning, I thought that I’d like to make a game that made you feel like you were directly fighting in that world. Perhaps thanks to that, I now hear comments like, ‘That was my favorite FF,‘ or ‘That was really different from the FFs I’ve played until now. It was daring, and a lot of fun.’ Type-0 signifies the first step of the direction I would like to take the new FF I am creating here on to."

Regarding future Vita games Tabata said: "The first thing I thought when I saw the Vita was how big and beautiful the display was.  The feel of the touch screen was good, and I got the impression that this was a very good piece of hardware indeed.  I’ve been making FF titles on the PSP up until now, so for me personally, my interest was gravitating towards a yet bigger device, however, as someone involved in game development, no other hardware other than the PS Vita can produce graphics with that degree of high density, high luminosity and high quality.  In that regard, it’s very attractive to me.  Type-0 was the game I went into making hoping to bring a real FF title to portable game devices, and while I can’t do something right this moment, in the future, if granted the opportunity, I’d like to make a game for the PS Vita as well."

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