Thursday, October 18, 2012

Digimon Adventure - All Episodes From The Anime and More

New information on Namco Bandai’s upcoming Digimon game for the PSP:

- Features all episodes from the anime
- Also covers the “Our War Game” movie
- Has original content known as “Sub-episode quests”
- Adventure, battle, raising components
- “Raising” element hasn’t been detailed yet
- Choose which episode you want to see from a menu
- This is done in between episodes
- You then choose three children and Digimon for your team
- Each episode is set on a single field
- Explore the area and experience the events in the anime
- Digimon will show up on the field much like they do in Digimon World
- Battles have RPG elements
- Turn gauge similar to that of Atelier and Final Fantasy X
- Action choices include Attack, Guard, Item, and Escape
- Evolve in battle to use stronger attacks

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