Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Demon Gaze - First Arts and Screenshots

Demon Gaze is a new dungeon RPG title for the PS Vita developed by Experience Inc (Students of the Round), and published by Kadokawa Games. The protagonist 'Oz' suffers from amnesia. He possess the "Demon Eyes" which has the power to capture demons. Fran (pink haired girl), runs a local inn and hires him for a mission. The demons are half-machine beings that come with a rampage mode. When not in Mislid's dungeons, your characters stay in town at the Dragon Princess inn where you rest up, pay rent from your treasures, and hang out with other residents. Your loot can also be used to strengthen your party. Famitsu will have a full blowout on November 8th. Demon Gaze is due January 2013 in Japan.

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