Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Demon Gaze - Classes and Races

Demon Gaze is a new Vita dungeon RPG from Experience (Students of the Round) and Kadokawa Games. You take on the role of Oz, a human who has the power to seal demons using his eye. Like other dungeon RPG titles, the game has a variety of classes and races to choose from. 
Name:  Gerona
Race:    Human
Class:   Paladin
For generations, Gerona’s linage has served as knights. Gerona is a sturdy fighter that can stand her ground against any enemy.

Name:  Serina
Race:    Elf
Class:   Wizard
Magic comes natural to Serina. Her family is known for being blessed with magical prowess.

Name:  Pepet
Race:   Migmie
Class:  Healer
She’s a healer that loves to eat.

Name:  Avee
Race:   Nei
Class:  Fighter
The Nei tribe does nothing but battle. Avee is a wandering bounty hunter like Oz.

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