Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wii U Launch Date, Price Revealed for Japan

Nintendo published a new page on its Japanese website clearing up a few things. Both bundles include the HDMI cable and AC adapters. The Premium set offers a console stand, GamePad stand set, and Nintendo Network Premium.

Japan comes first. During a presentation hosted by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata today, it was revealed that the system will be sold in two bundles: a Black 32GB Premium Set - 31,500 yen ($400 USD) and White 8GB Basic Set 26,250 yen ($350 USD).

The Premium set comes with the console, GamePad, AC adapters, HDMI, and 32 GB of memory. The Basic option comes with the hardware, a GamePad, and 8GB. Each will be available on December 8th.

- Supports full 1080p

- “GPGPU” used
- Main memory: 1GB
- System memory: 1GB
- Total memory is 2GB
- Games only use 1GB of main memory
- System memory is for the OS
- Can use the browser while playing
- Game discs are 25GB
- Discs run at 22.5 MB/s
- Uses up to 75 watts of electricity
- Typical power usage is 45 watts

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