Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Future of Final Fantasy

Square Enix wrapped up its Final Fantasy 25th anniversary festivities in Japan with a stage show on the future of Final Fantasy. Hajime Tabata (director, The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Type-0), Naora Yusuke (art director), Yoshihisa Hashimoto (Square Enix CTO), Mitsunori Takahashi (director, Dissidia Final Fantasy), Motomu Toriyama (director FFXIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns), and Isamu Kamikokuryo (art director, Lightning Returns) fielded a few questions from fans.

 Square Enix on the possibility of a Final Fantasy Monsters
- This would be like Dragon Quest Monsters
- Naora said that this is his 20th year at the company, and showed an image of some of the early sprite work for the series’ monsters
- Hashimoto showed some of the enemies from the recent Agnis Philosophy demo
- He said that if they did make an FF Monsters using the latest technology, it could look like this
- Takahashi gave a quick idea of possibly having Young Barret as a main character

Square Enix on the possibility of making a Japanese-style Final Fantasy
- One fan noted how most current games in the series have a strong western/sci-fi feel
- Naora agreed that a Japanese-style FF would be nice
- Tabata brought along image boards from artists showing what a Japanese Final Fantasy could look like
- Isamu Kamikokuryo contributed to the brainstorming
- Image boards were only shown to stage show attendees
- Tabata said that he feels it would be nice to make a Japanese-style FF using the Agnis Philosophy visual quality

Square Enix on the possibility of making an otome Final Fantasy game
- One fan said: “I’ve never played the Final Fantasy series, but I think I’d like to play the series if you made an otome FF game.”
- The comment earned a few laughs, but Tabata took the question very seriously and had his staff create an elaborate fake design document

To end the event, Tabata made a quick note about Versus XIII and relayed a message about the future of Final Fantasy.
He said:

“Tetsuya Nomura wanted to give the message that he’ll soon show the future of Final Fantasy.”
Unfortunately, we can’t be sure if Tabata was referring to Versus XIII or something completely different.

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