Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tales of Xillia 2 - New TGS 2012 Demo Screenshots, Info

Tales of Xillia 2 will be playable at this years Tokyo Game Show, Famitsu have confirmed. In this demo, you’ll be able to enjoy a main scenario dungeon and boss battle. In addition to Elle and Lulu, who are non-playable party members, you’ll have Ludger, Alvin, Elise, and your choice between Jude and Milla on your team.

During the opening event scene, an important character from the first Xillia will suddenly appear. Famitsu’s account of the demo does not share the character’s name, however, they explain the diverged world. People who shouldn’t appear in the real world can exist in this world.

When the event scene ends, the search for the great spirit initiates. To do this, Ludger and company must break through security. Normally, this dungeon has several gimmicks to prevent users from so quickly reaching the end, however, the Tokyo Game Show demo has some changes, allowing users to proceed without being stopped. This is likely due to the demo’s 10-minute play limit. Be careful to choose your battles wisely if you wish to battle the boss waiting at the end.

During battle, you’ll be able to test out multiple combinations of Link Artes between Ludger and his fellow party members. As you attack enemies, a gauge at the left side of the screen will build. Depending on its level (it has five), you’ll be able to perform Link Artes with a variety of partners. Some Link Artes are Unique and listed on a reference screen in the menu, while some are Common and are not listed.

You’ll also be able to experience Ludger’s Corpse Shell ability. By pressing L3 + R3, Ludger will shift to his alternate form (so long as the gauge in the lower right of the screen is full!). In this mode, Ludger and his opponents exist in a different space, where parameters such as HP, TP, and AC are eliminated, allowing Ludger to pour out a continuous amount of attacks against his enemies.

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