Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tales of Xillia 2 - New Jude, Milla, Leia and more Screenshots, New Character Arts

When Milla was six-years-old, Alkanor was annihilated and the construction of the spear of Kresnick was prevented. Since the mission was completed, she has lost her powers and cannot employ the four ghosts.Milla is stubborn and has a lot of pride, because of her unique upbringing she doesn’t have friends. She lived with the twin sister ghosts in Ni Acelia before she joined Ludger’s group.

Mirroring: Ludger’s Specific Support Technique
Ludger has an ability known as “Mirroring” which allows him to imitate the same support as the character you’re operating.

Relationship Status
Ludger’s relationship status with each character is measured by heart marks and a bar. You can have a max of ten hearts. You can raise your relationship status through Character Episodes and by the choices you make during long chats. As a result of raising your relationship, special chats and battle results occur, and you can learn special techniques and skills.

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