Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Platinum Games Interested in PC and 3DS

 Platinum Games, are also interested in pursuing self-published titles in the PC space, executive director, Atsushi Inaba, recently revealed to The Verge.

Inaba said - "Console game development budgets are really big, so we need publishing partners to create those games. I was thinking—with our own money—about creating a PC title for Steam. It would give us the possibility to become a publisher, which is very attractive to me. “If you think about the console market in Japan, and compare it to the world, it’s not that big. So I view the PC as an area with huge potential. It would be great if we could do a Kickstarter and gather enough money for a game to be released on Steam."

PlatinumGames recently visited Valve Software’s headquarters, where Inaba listened to the company talk about its future goals. Inaba says he came away with the impression that they are "a very open-minded company".

Additionally, PlatinumGames are also interested in re-visiting portable game development. In 2009, the studio released
Infinite Space, a sci-fi role-playing game for the Nintendo DS, in partnership with Sega. Inaba says that the studio is also interested in developing for its successor, the Nintendo 3DS.

“We are very interested in the Nintendo 3DS as a platform,” Inaba revealed. “I view 3DS as a proper, straightforward evolution from a platform that has had huge success. Being able to view stereoscopic 3D with the naked eye is a great innovation, but very straightforward, so I’m very interested in it.”

However, he clarified, no Nintendo 3DS titles are in development at PlatinumGames at present, as the studio has a number of other projects in in the works and is unable to fund a 3DS game by themselves. “But I’m very positive on it,” Inaba added.

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