Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita-PC Cross-Play and Other Features Detailed

 PC/Vita cross-play:
While PC players and PlayStation Vita players will be able to play together, only certain blocks on a server (called “ships”) will be designated for cross-play. As illustrated in the image above, green blocks are PC + Vita, while everything else is PC-only. However, team chat will be viewable regardless of which block you’re in.

Free-to-play and online-only:
Just like the PC version of the game, the PlayStation Vita version will be completely free to download and play, and will be an online-only game. You will be able to download the game from the PlayStation Store when it releases.

One account per memory card:
Since PlayStation Network accounts are tied to Vita memory cards, you will only be able to have a single account per memory card. If you want to create multiple characters under the same account, you can pay Arks Cash to avail this service.

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