Thursday, September 6, 2012

Next-Gen Xbox Might Be Delayed to 2014 Due to Chip Issues

Due to supply problems, the next Microsoft console might be delayed past its rumored December 2013 launch. At first I was like “This seems like a silly rumor someone starts to get traffic for their website”, but after reading into it, things seem to hold more water than I initially speculated.

The deal is this: Microsoft has started mass production of a certain chip that is an integral part of their next console- codenamed “Oban”- and they’ve ordered so many that chances are this is not just dev kits. The problem is that the yield (the power of the chips, or how much “good stuff” they produce for developers) have been incredibly low so far, and have been unable to pass the testing required to get put into the upcoming game console. So what is Microsoft doing? They’re bringing in two more manufacturers to try and solve the low-yield problem, with the hope that one of the three can get things going in time for a launch next holiday.

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