Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - New Famitsu Details

 New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII details have leaked out of Famitsu.

- The game is currently 30 percent complete.

- This is Lightning’s final game and will have a happy/single ending.

- Final Fantasy XIII was story driven, XIII-2 was player driven, and now Lightning Returns is “World Driven,” which means that the world in constantly in motion.

- One day in the game world is equal to one or two hours in the real world.

- The game is designed to be played through many times.

- It will not take several dozens of hours to clear one volume.

- It is possible items will be carried over on a second playthrough.

- Due to the influence of chaos, people from Final Fantasy XIII-2 have stopped aging and are still alive.

- Novus Partus is composed of two natural terrain continents and two urban continents.

- Menu commands are not selected in battle. Rather, players assign abilities to buttons.

- The battle system is nearing an action battle system. The ATB gauge still exists.

- Because Lightning is the sole party member, players can have greater focus in battle.

- Lightning can move freely in battle. There is also some sort of time influence.

- Lightning has become considerably more lovely.

- The world could end before the 13 day limit, thus resulting in a “Game Over,” depending on your actions.

- Defeating enemies and clearing quests will increase the world’s life expectancy.

- At the same time, helping certain people could decrease the world’s life expectancy.

- Lightning will come across serial murders in the city.

- There are many clocks around the city showing the always moving progression of time.

- Hope will provide Lightning directions via a communications device.

- Battles can carry out in just about all operations.

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