Monday, September 10, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection OST - Box Art, Updated Track Listing

The Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection - Melodies & Memories- soundtrack is a 2-disc set containing the best music from the Kingdom Hearts series, chosen by fans. Its due for release on September 19th, exclusively through the Square Enix e-store.

Kingdom Hearts
Dearly Beloved
Hand in Hand
Hollow Bastion
Hikari – Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version –
Traverse Town
Kairi I
Always on My Mind
Another Side

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Lord of the Castle

Kingdom Hearts II

Dearly Beloved
Passion ~ Opening Version ~
Missing You
Organization XIII
The Other Promise
Darkness of the Unknown
Fate of the Unknown
Passion ~ Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version ~
Lazy Afternoons
The 13th Struggle
The 13th Reflection
Rage Awakened

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Enter the Darkness 

- Track List Not Final

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