Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ace Attorney 5 Announced for 3DS, Scans and Details

Ace Attorney 5, otherwise known as Gyakuten Saiban 5, is coming to 3DS. It seems that you’ll be playing as Phoenix Wright and there’s a mysterious new female partner with a yellow dress. 

Famitsu has confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 will be playable at this years Tokyo Game Show. Users will be able to try out a fifteen minute demo.

- Producer: Motohide Eshiro
- Music: Noriyuki Iwadare
- Scenario director: Go Yamazaki
- Wright’s mysterious female partner will be revealed at TGS
- Take’s place one year after the fourth game, as Phoenix Wright
- Begins as an explosion hits the courthouse
- A high school girl, Shinobu, is charged with the crime
- She’s weak and can go into spasms at any moment
- Phoenix Wright will face off against Winston Payne’s brother
- Fully 3D characters
- Likely can give certain facial expressions during testimony, as there are facial expression icons on the lower screen
- Shu Takumi (creator/director) is not involved with Ace Attorney 5 since he’s busy with Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

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