Saturday, February 4, 2012

Devil's Thrid - New Game Details and Arts [small]

New art as well as a slew of new Devil’s Third details have been revealed. The content comes from a survey, as was picked up by NeoGAF member “InfiniteNine”. Although THQ sent out the survey last year, its content wasn’t shared until just recently.

The survey made note of the following details:

Devil’s Third is a third person action combat game like no other. Players leap and dive around their environments like turbo charged martial artists, wall running, diving, swinging from rooftops, and generally moving around the world as if the laws of physics barely apply to them. They execute their enemeies using a combination of three different combat styles: guns, melee weapons, or hand-to-hand martial arts, usually choosing the one that gets the job done (and creates the most carnage) in the most visceral way at the time.

You play as Ivan, an elite commando assassin, on a path to redeeming past transgressions by smashing the terrorist organizations that once brainwashed them into doing their dirty work. You are no goody two shoes superhero, and you are going to make them pay in blood. Lots of blood.

Master the art of the kill – Execute your enemies in highly stylized and satisfying ways. Bring artistic death to the battlefield and watch the gore flow.

Conduct a symphony of violence and rain death upon the world’s deadliest terrorists – You are not an assassin hunting a lone target and then making a run for freedom. You are a commando that attacks the enemy agents head on in the combat zone, and bring a beautiful violence to the battlefield. You strike from behind, above, and face-to-face, switching from target to target on the fly.

Path of redemption – You redeem your dark past by annihlating the terrorist organizations that you previously worked for, and executing the enigmatic deadly leaders that were once your comrades.

Become the ultimate online assassin in the most over the top multiplayer game on console – Players fight to the death as lethal ninja commandos, using guns, swords, knives, and bare hands to take out their enemies. Players can bend the laws of physics, allowing them to make mighty leaps and run across vertical surfaces, literally using verticality in the environment as another weapon in their arsenal.

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